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Being born into this world as a creative person, I often feared a future of living life dumpster diving for food and other necessities. By high school, I was singing, dancing, and acting in plays, musicals, and dinner theater while also working at Taco Bell (I loved that job!) and completing my education. I have always loved reading, and my favorite part of being a performer was creating the backstories for not only my characters but also for any and all with whom my character came in contact. The cherry on top was learning new music to sing and perform for audiences.


As a young adult, I discovered I could avoid the dumpsters by working administratively in professional services firms while performing theater in the evenings. Living the creative life was amazing! Becoming a mother brought more depth to my life, and I learned to love in a way far beyond what I imagined possible. Improvised storytelling was a frequent distraction during rush hour drives and bedtime routines. As my son grew older and more independent, I began writing short stories to entertain my friends and eventually immersed myself in writing Callasandra Fractured, the first book in the Callasandra series.

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